Setting expectations – Professor Jacky Boivin, Cardiff University, UK

Professor Jacky Boivin is Professor of Health Psychology and Practitioner Health Psychologist at the School of Psychology, Cardiff University. She is recognised internationally for her systematic and research orientated perspective to the investigation of psychosocial issues in fertility heath. She has led many pioneering projects with a core aim to develop, evaluate and implement support tools for people with fertility problems, and patient support services for stakeholders involved in fertility care (practitioners, advocates, and policy makers). Together with her team she has produced the FertiQoL, Fertility Status Awareness Tool – FertiSTAT, Positive Reappraisal Coping Intervention, DrawingOut Endo, Cardiff Fertility Knowledge Scale. Her research has been funded through the research councils, industrial partnerships, medical societies and charities in the UK and abroad, and has involved multidisciplinary collaborations with academics, fellows, postgraduates, and diverse stakeholders. She has been an active associate editor (Human Reproduction Update, Human Reproduction, Human Reproduction Open), executive member (BFS, ESHRE), government and international organisations (WHO) and industry (Merck, Ferring, IBSA). Her current research is focused on fertility education, digital support and global fertility health.

Electronic and automated consent, and apps – Debbie Evans, Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, UK

This talk will cover how electronic and automated consent and apps will:
• Improve patient compliance.
• Will improve quality and communication with patients.
• Give patients ownership.

Debbie Evans is Director of Nursing and Clinical services at the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre. She is a highly motivated and passionate nurse who has the responsibility for the day to day management of the Centre.

Debbie has held many positions on various stakeholder groups to support fertility nursing within the sector, such as the Chair of SING (Senior Infertility Nurse Group) and is the Nurse Executive member of BFS. She is very keen to support education within the sector and has been on the BFS training committee for three years. She has spoken on many occasions at educational meetings and is passionate about sharing her nursing knowledge and good practice.

Debbie not only represents nursing interests but has a keen interest in quality management, bringing together her vast knowledge and experience in quality to ensure she delivers the very best of care in a pro-active and effective way.

Debbie is very active with HFEA matters and has been actively involved and consulted on the HFEA code of practice.

Patients as consumers – the role of consumer protection law in the provision of fertility treatment – Dr Louise Strong, Competition and Markets Authority, UK

Dr Louise Strong is a director in the consumer protection team at the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). She joined the CMA in 2014 and has led projects across a range of sectors, including higher education, care homes and gambling.

Before joining the CMA in 2014 Louise was a Senior Policy Adviser at Which?, where she developed policy and managed projects to protect consumer interests in areas including electricity market reform, energy wholesale markets, heat networks and the broadband market. Prior to that, Louise was a Senior Policy Adviser at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), where she worked on energy efficiency policy.

She has a PhD in public policy from the University of Sheffield. Her thesis examined the role of the business community in the making of UK climate and energy policy. In addition, Louise has an MA in Research Methods from the University of Sheffield, an MA in Politics from the University of Leeds and a BA in history from the University of Nottingham.