Pregnancy in waiting – embryonic diapause in roe deer – Professor Susanne Ulbrich, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

GnRH neurons and prepubertal weight gain, sexual attraction, puberty timing and more…?? – Dr Vincent Prevot, University of Lille INSERM, CHU Lille, France

Fertility Network UK update – Gwenda Burns, Fertility Network UK, UK

This talk will cover give an update on the current situation throughout the UK.

Gwenda Burns is Chief Executive of the patient charity Fertility Network UK – the only national charity in the UK, which supports anyone experiencing fertility issues.

Gwenda is a strong advocate of emotional support and counselling for everyone struggling to conceive and beyond, her mission is to change the conversation and get more people talking about fertility issues, help promote a better understanding of the options which exist and highlight the extent and impact which infertility can have on people’s health and wellbeing. During Gwenda’s time with the charity she has witnessed lots of positive changes and innovation in the field of fertility although believes much more could be achieved. She passionately believes that access to NHS fertility treatment should be fair and equitable and not depend on your postcode or personal wealth and will continue to campaign throughout the UK.