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Shai Carmi

Screening IVF embryos with polygenic risk scores: Pros and cons

Shai Carmi, Associate Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Shai Carmi is an Associate Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Public Health. He is working in the fields of population, statistical, and medical genetics. Among his research interests are theoretical population genetics, genetic genealogy, ancient DNA, preconception and preimplantation genetic testing, genome-wide association studies, and genetic risk prediction. His recent work focuses on statistical modeling of preimplantation genetic testing for polygenic traits and diseases.

James Hotaling

Andrology supplements and IVF outcome

James M. Hotaling, Associate Professor of Surgery (Urology), University of Utah, USA

Dr Hotaling is the Director of Andrology Services at IVIRMA basking ridge and an Associate Professor of Surgery (Urology) at the University of Utah. He established the clinical male infertility program at IVIRMA and in Utah. He has over 200 publications and has had significant NIH funding to study men’s health and male infertility. He has also had multiple start-up companies related to men’s health and male infertility and has several patents. His work focuses on understanding how de novo mutations impact male infertility and its link to poor somatic health, microfluidic sperm sorting and the genetics of erectile dysfunction. He is the current president of the Society for the Study of Male Reproduction (SSMR) and an editor for Fertility & Sterility in addition to being the fellowship director for male infertility in Utah and the program director.