Fertility care through apps – Francesca Steyn, Director of Fertility, Peppy Health, UK

This talk will:
• Look at the effectiveness of fertility care through an app.
• Review user feedback of app based fertility care.
• Present the importance of safeguarding measures, clinical competence and evidence based care for digital healthcare.
• Review practitioner feedback of care delivery via an app.

Francesca Steyn is the Director of Fertility services at Peppy Health, Chair of the RCN Fertility Nursing Forum and Cofounder of My Surrogacy Journey.
She has a special interest in gamete donation and surrogacy and training and development for nurses and HCA’s within the fertility setting.

Fertility support platforms – the good, the bad and those that can be sometimes unhelpful – Tracey Sainsbury, Senior Fertility Counsellor, Fertility Counselling, UK

This talk will cover:
• Enhanced understanding of the patient journey and the increasing need for apps.
• Enhanced awareness of apps for different stages of the journey.
• How apps can help you to provide best practice care for your patients.

Tracey Sainsbury is a specialist fertility counsellor who has provided patient support for over 20 years, initially with the national fertility charities and now in private practice as a referral counsellor for clinics, EAPS and surrogacy organisations.

Caring for intimate data in fertility technologies – Dr Maryam Mehrnezhad, Research Fellow, Newcastle University, UK

This talk will cover:
• Fertility tracking technologies.
• Risk.
• Differential vulnerabilities.
• Security and privacy evaluation of apps.

Dr Maryam Mehrnezhad, is a Research Fellow in the School of Computing, Newcastle University. With a cybersecurity background, she has developed an international track record in interdisciplinary applied research fields, resulting in several high-impact papers with global media impact (BBC, Guardian, Science Friday) and companies such as Apple and Firefox, releasing patches. Her current research focuses on cybersecurity and privacy for marginalised user groups, and she is the PI on Security & Privacy of Fertility Technologies (CyFer), a UKRI PETRAS project.

Dr Mehrnezhad has a special interest in standardisation research; serving as a W3C (the main international standardisation body for web) invited expert. She has won several national and international prizes including the Economist and Kaspersky Cybersecurity Award for using Blockchain for end-to-end verifiable e-voting and the Best PhD Research Award at ACE-CSR for her research on sensor security. She is an advocate for EDI and supports Women in STEM via her research, mentoring, and outreach programs e.g. hosting the Women in Maths Day’18 (funded by London Math Society).