Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome – Anne Howard, Senior Fertility Nurse Practitioner, Peppy Health, UK

This talk aims to:
• Provide resources and general information relating to current and ongoing RCN projects.
• Show that women’s health education is an important part of the RCN’s professional work.
• Educate fertility nurses and general nurses about ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and how to treat it.

Anne Howard has been working in fertility for the past 12 years, before which she worked as a vascular nurse. She is currently working for Peppy Health as a senior fertility nurse practitioner.

Anne has helped patients at a number of leading fertility clinics throughout the Midlands and London, where she also trained to be a fertility nurse specialist, becoming proficient in ultrasound scanning, IUI, nurse consultation, performing surgical sperm retrieval and endometrial scratches, and specialising in egg donation and surrogacy. She also succeeded to become nurse manager for a busy midland clinic and its satellite clinic.

Anne has also worked independently within the fertility sector, being a nurse consultant for an ovulation predictor kit company, and assisting in the development of a new patient documentation storage database. She has also written articles for IVF Babble and Baby Magazine, and is an RCN committee member as well as a member of the Senior Infertility Nurse Group, which provides support, guidance and training for fertility nurses and healthcare assistants.

Anne is passionate about giving patients the best possible care by ensuring that our fertility nurses have the education and support they require to assist patients.

Ambulatory management of severe OHSS – Mr David Ogutu, Consultant Gynaecologist and Medical Director, Herts and Essex Fertility Centre, UK

This talk will cover:
• Ambulatory management of severe of OHSS is safe.
• Early paracentesis in severe OHSS significantly reduces disease burden and minimises need for / significantly reduces length of inpatient stay.
• Practical tips for safe out-patient / bedside ultrasound guided paracentesis under direct USS guidance.

Mr David Ogutu is a consultant gynaecologist and medical director at Herts and Essex fertility centre. He is passionate about ambulatory management of severe OHSS.

The Clinical Research Nurse – not just a resource to manage and recruit patients – Clare Pye, Lead Research Nurse (Projects) & NIHR Senior Nurse Research Leader, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK

This talk aims to:
• Network and share the expanding role of the Research delivery Nurse/Midwife.
• Update knowledge and inform practice on latest evidence in the area of women’s health and specifically OHSS.
• Network with colleagues and discuss new research opportunities.

Clare Pye is the Lead Research Nurse at the Sheffield Centre for Reproductive Research (Sceptr) and Co-applicant on their NIHR HTA awards – HELP?Fertility, STOP OHSS and Endometrial Scratch Trials. Based at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Clare is also an NIHR Senior Nurse Research Leader working to strengthen the research voice and influence nurses and midwives in health and social care settings. Clare has worked in research delivery in both primary, secondary care and the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years.