Update 1A: Clinical impact of reproductive ageing

David Williams

Guidance on pre-conceptual care for older women before fertility treatment 

Professor David Williams, Professor of Obstetric Medicine, Institute for Women’s Health, University College London, UK 

Professor David Williams is a consultant obstetric physician at University College Hospital London. He specialises in the care of pregnant women with medical disorders and his research group investigates the causes and treatment of pregnancy syndromes.

He leads multi-disciplinary obstetric clinics and has particular expertise in the management of pregnant women with kidney disease and hypertension.

His research team investigates the causes and treatment of gestational syndromes in particular pre-eclampsia, hyperemesis gravidarum and acute fatty liver of pregnancy. He has developed the concept that pregnancy syndromes unmask future health disorders in the mother and her family. His team also investigates the cause and treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss due to placental inflammation. They are funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC), UCL/UCLH Biomedical Research Centre and Wellbeing of Women.

Professor Williams chaired the NICE guidelines for the intrapartum management of medical disorders and is chairman of the Wellbeing of Women Charity Research Advisory Committee. He is a member of the UK Independent Advisory Group on maternal morbidity and mortality and is part of a national team to implement new clinical maternal medicine networks throughout the UK.

Asma Khalil

Obstetric management of older and medically complex women   

Professor Asma Khalil, Professor of Obstetrics and Maternal Fetal Medicine, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Asma Khalil is a Professor of Obstetrics and Maternal Fetal Medicine. She is the Obstetric Lead at the National Maternity and Perinatal Audit (NMPA). She gained her MD at the University of London in 2008. She also has a Master’s degree in Epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Prof. Asma Khalil has published more than 400 peer-reviewed papers, and many published review articles and chapters. She was awarded many research prizes, both at national and international meetings. She was awarded the 2021 FIGO Women’s Awards: Recognising Female Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Her research interests include twin pregnancy, fetal growth restriction and hypertensive disorders in pregnancy.

She had a fellowship with the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE). committed to the implementation of clinical guidelines in practice. She is the Lead author of the ISUOG guideline on the role of ultrasound in twins. She also led the guideline team developing the FIGO guideline on twin pregnancies. She was a member of the NICE Guideline Committee updating the Twin and Multiple Pregnancy guidance.

George Davey Smith

Parental age and health-related outcomes of offspring

Professor George Davey Smith, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit, University of Bristol, UK

George Davey Smith was a member of the noise-terrorism outfit Scum Auxiliary in the early 1980s. Since artistic and commercial success eluded them, he has had to earn his living working as an epidemiologist in the provinces.