Rohit Gupta, Chief Scientific Officer, TMRW
Rohit Gupta is one of the world’s leading biobanking experts. He brings over 15 years of experience at the forefront of biobanking, data science, and research.
Before joining TMRW, Rohit served as the inaugural Chief Biobank Officer for the University of California, San Francisco. In this role, he oversaw the strategy to disseminate hardened, standardized biobank tools across the institute and a national network of academic medical centers. His leadership helped create a centralized specimen and data management solution that accelerated research.

Rohit was previously the Co-founder and Executive Director of Stanford University Biobank where he established a globally-recognized biobank infrastructure and directed the largest researched focused ambulatory care center. He led the strategy, design, and development of the university’s federation of biobanks powered by novel tools, including a central data platform to manage both clinical and biological ‘transomics’ information.

Throughout his career, Rohit has been focused on improving infrastructure for biobanks and big data ‘omics’ systems to improve sample quality and drive an informatics-first approach to human sampling. His expertise has helped raise over $100M for research at leading academic medical centers. An active leader within the scientific community, he served as the 2019-2020 Co-Chairman of the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) to elevate conversations around artificial intelligence, critical advances in technology, and the modern potential of specimens and data.

At TMRW, Rohit oversees the development and execution of our scientific studies and serves as a subject matter expert across other critical business initiatives. Utilizing his tested approach to cryogenic cell management, Rohit is envisioning a new future for the management and care for the eggs and embryos central to IVF.

Concurrently, he also serves as the Chief Medical Officer and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board for Spectrum Solutions, the developer of the first authorized saliva-based medical device for COVID-19 testing. To date, over 13 million devices have been distributed resulting in millions of lives saved.

Kaj Rydman, Executive Director, International, TMRW
Kaj Rydman has over 25 years of experience driving innovations in the care of reproductive tissues that have drastically improved safety and oversight.

Kaj spent much of his career at California Cryobank in roles spanning from CFO, President of the Stem Cell Division, and VP of Operations. He led a number of expansions and innovations, eventually working with hundreds of IVF clinics and running a reproductive biorepository with over 700,000 specimens.
He also helped launch California Cryobank’s egg-freezing division. In addition, he relaunched and expanded its fledgling cord blood business by increasing marketing and creating strategic partnerships with doctors. During his time as a key executive at California Cryobank, the company became the largest stem cell bank and donor egg bank in the world.

When auditing IVF clinics for partnerships with California Cryobank, Kaj noticed many clinics’ cryostorage operations were substandard when compared to their clinical work. To address this issue, he left California Cryobank and founded IVFCryo, a consultancy that works with leading clinics across the country to help them establish biorepository-grade cryomanagement practices.

At TMRW, Kaj is responsible for launching and growing TMRW’s International operations.