Knowledge and attitudes towards egg donation and egg sharing among women in the UK general public – Timothy Bracewell-Milnes, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Carrying your own grandchild – a familial gestational surrogacy case study – Dr Jemma Walker, Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, UK
Jemma Walker graduated from the University of Sheffield with a bachelor’s degree in Development and Cell Biology. She went on to work in academic and clinical research before undertaking her PhD in Developmental Stem Cell Biology at the University of Plymouth. Having recently completed the Scientist Training Program at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, she has now joined Herts and Essex Fertility Centre as a clinical embryologist. Jemma’s research background in cell and molecular biology has led her to engage in active research in a range of topics. As a newly registered HCPC clinical scientist Jemma is passionate about the translation of reproductive science research into evidence-based medicine for fertility patients.

Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome – clinical outcomes of patients undertaking fertility treatment in a tertiary care centre – Nicola Mitchell-Jones, Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital, UK

A mandatory segmentation (freeze-all) policy in patients with AMH ≥ 30 is safer and results in higher cumulative ongoing pregnancy rates than attempted fresh embryo transfer – Frances Roebuck, GCRM Fertility, UK

Does oocyte vitrification affect morphokinetics of subsequent embryo development? – Dr Sue Montgomery, CARE Fertility, UK

Effect of culture environment on the metabolism of human preimplantation embryos – Dr Alexandra Kermack, University of Southampton, UK