A proteomic analysis of follicular fluid samples in patients undergoing in vitro fertilisation|intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF|ICSI) with or without endometriosis – Sallwa Alshehre, The University of Sheffield, UK
Sallwa Alshehre is a third-year PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield under the supervision of Dr Mark Fenwick and Dr Mostafa Metwally. She started her postgraduate study in the UK from 2015 and she is holding MSc in Reproductive Medicine from the University of Sheffield and BSc (Hons) in Medical Laboratory from Umm AlQura University. Her general research interest is women infertility, with a particular focus on endometriosis, ovarian function and assisted conception techniques. She is a member of the Society for Reproduction and Fertility (SRF) and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

Blastocoel re-expansion in vitrified-warmed embryos is a predictor of implantation and live birth rate – Eloise Burt, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, UK

Imaging comprehensive algorithm of reproductive efficiency (i-CARE), a ranking tool for human oocyte competence – Xavier Viñals Gonzalez, Institute for Women’s Health (UCL), UK

Xavier Viñals Gonzalez is a Senior Clinical Embryologist in the United Kingdom after receiving his education and professional development in Spain. Intrigued by human biology and discovering its functions, the origins of diseases and the technological applications used in medicine, he completed his BSc in Biomedical Sciences followed by a MSc in Cytogenetics and Reproductive Biology. Currently he is an active member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) as well as the Association of Clinical Embryologists (ACE). He is also involved in teaching and mentoring students at the University College London where he is completing his PhD in reproductive science. Together with his laboratory-based embryology, his research aims to provide a better understanding of IVF techniques. His research has been published and shared with professionals around the world after having been invited to speak at national and international conferences in the field of Human Reproduction where he has shared his interest for embryo aneuploidy and non-invasive biomarkers during embryo development.

Evaluation of commercially reported pre and post-test carrier screening risks in ART patients: Caveat emptor? – Dr Valerie Shaikly, Fertility Genetics, UK

Valerie Shaikly, a founder partner of the Association of Clinical Embryologists, graduated in Biology in 1990 and began training as an embryologist under the tutorship of Lord Winston. She has since gained a masters degree in Health Promotion, PhD in Reproductive Immunology, Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists, Academy of Healthcare Science and Institute of Biomedical Scientists and is registered as a consultant clinical scientist specialising in genomic medicine within reproductive science. Working within her specialism to promote training of embryologists Val is chair of the panel of examiners for Reproductive Science for the RCPath and assessor for the Association of Clinical Science. She is the training lead for the Association of Reproductive Clinical Scientists support staff and member of the continuing professional development committee.

Results of routine COVID-19 testing of assisted conception patients at re-commencement of services – Dr Akanksha Sood, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, UK