SP1D: SRF PhD Student prize session

At fertilization in mouse eggs a sperm induced secondary rise in ATP levels is independent of Ca2+ oscillations Cindy Ikie, PhD Student, Cardiff University, UK

Cindy Liz Ikie AFHEA, is the former Black Lives Matter Campaign Manager of 13 regions in Wales. She has independently trained police forces, art institutions in race equality, diversity, and inclusion. Throughout her studies, she dedicated time to stand as representative for her peers, bridging the gaps between the learners and their Higher Educational institutions. She has served as the elected Black and Ethnic Minority Officer of Cardiff University Student’s Union. She has spoken at Houses of Parliament for an intersectionality event which was the first of its kind. She has been advisor to Welsh Government Education Policy leaders.  

A common flame retardant (polybrominated diphenyl ether: PBDE-47) detectable in testicular tissue may adversely affect sperm quality in humans and dogs Deborah Se-Ember Adi, PhD Student, University of Nottingham, UK

Deborah Se-ember Adi is a final year PhD student at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science at the University of Nottingham. Deborah completed her Veterinary degree (DVM) and M Sc Theriogenology in Nigeria and was employed to teach Theriogenology at Joseph Sarwuan Tarka University in Nigeria before enrolling for her graduate studies. Deborah’s research interest is on the effects of environmental contaminants on male and female fertility.  She is presently investigating the effects of flame -retardants (PBDE-47) on male and female development outcomes using a mouse model.

Regulation of primordial follicle quiescence by TGFB signalling Amelia Parkin-Green, PhD Student, University of Sheffield, UK

Amelia is currently in the second year of her PhD in the Academic Unit of Reproductive and Developmental Medicine at The University of Sheffield. Her MSc research project, where she was awarded the 2020 Infertility Research Trust Prize, inspired her to pursue a PhD. Here, she continues to work in Dr Mark Fenwick’s Laboratory, after developing an interest in the role of TGFB signalling in the regulation and maintenance of primordial follicles within the ovary.

Receptive phase simulated endometrial extracellular vesicles proteome differs from non-receptive simulated periods Amber Hart, PhD Student, The University of Sheffield, UK

Amber Hart is a third year PhD student at the university of Sheffield within the Fazeli laboratory. Amber graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s in biomedical science and then went onto work as a clinical trial coordinator. Her current PhD research is focused on understanding the role of extracellular vesicles in the endometrium and their role in communication for successful pregnancy. Further areas of her research are aimed at providing proof of concept of non-invasive endometrial receptivity biomarkers.

Does cigarette smoking increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy by activation of epithelial to mesenchymal transition? Heather Flanagan, PhD Student, University of Edinburgh, UK

Maternal spleen-liver axis inflammation during obese pregnancy and placental nutrient sensing Cindy XW Zhang, PhD Student, University of Cambridge, UK