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Guerbet is a worldwide leader in medical imaging that has been supporting healthcare professionals since 1926. Offering a wide range of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, software and services for diagnostic and interventional imaging to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients. This includes the manufacture of oil-based and water-based contrast fluids for hysterosalpingography (HSG) within fertility management. Guerbet is committed to improve diagnostic outcomes for women undergoing fertility workup, allowing personalized treatment choices and thus providing better results for couples trying to conceive. A pioneer through more than 90 years in the field of contrast media with over 2,800 people globally, Guerbet is continuously innovating with 9% of revenue dedicated to Research & Development and four centres in France, Israel and the United States.



Advancing fertility for optimal patient care

Around the world clinics are working to improve outcomes for their patients. At CooperSurgical, we create lasting partnerships based on individual clinic’s challenges and customised solutions tailored to optimise the chances of success.

Our innovative products and services coupled with patient-oriented communication tools and resources – such as the PGTaiSM platform, supported by our expert team of genetic counselors and commitment to patient education (EngagedMD) – offer improved transfer and outcomes opportunities, better treatment options and genomic and fertility education for all patients undergoing IVF.

We support and advance clinics by offering evidence-based training and solutions, designed to improve clinical performance and efficiency across the entire spectrum of ART. At CooperSurgical, we offer a unique approach within the fertility and genomics industry.

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From the screen on your smartphone or the colour of your car, to clean air solutions and medicines – Merck’s ideas are everywhere. We’re rooted in science and innovative research, and we are energised by a passionate curiosity about the world around us.

Founded in Germany in 1668, Merck is the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company. From ground-breaking treatments for conditions including cancer and multiple sclerosis (MS), to treatments in fertility that help spread the joy of birth, we help millions of people take care of their health every day.


Germitec’s Hypernova Chronos provides a FASTER. SIMPLER. CLEANER solution that reduces cross-infection risk, for seamless High Level Disinfection (HLD) of ultrasound probes


FASTER – Chronos FASTER 90 seconds HLD cycle time, streamlines clinical workflows to drastically reduce time and costs.

SIMPLER – Chronos simple “one button” process to activate HLD and digital traceability improves compliance and audit readiness.

CLEANER – Chronos is pioneering HLD as the only chemical free system. It is also the only automated system proven to kill native human papillomavirus (HPV) both in vitro and in clinical use.

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Cook Medical has been collaborating with physicians and researchers for over 50 years to create minimally invasive medical devices. Since 1980, Cook’s Reproductive Health division has manufactured products for diagnostic imaging, assisted reproduction, maternal-fetal medicine, obstetrics, and gynaecology. Cook Reproductive Health is committed to advancing education, research, and collaboration with physicians in order to enhance patient care for women and men throughout their reproductive lives.


Besins Healthcare is a pharmaceutical company specialising in the development of innovative drugs for the well-being of men and women throughout their life.
Over the last 30 years, Besins has established a strong and reputable name in the production of drugs for the treatment of gynaecological and fertility conditions as well as androgen deficiency and has become a renowned player in the area of hormonal therapies.
Besins’ products are manufactured in a number of countries including France, Belgium and Spain. Their drugs are distributed in more than 90 countries via subsidiary companies (Besins affiliates) as well as a network of business partners.


Clear the backlog of tubal patency tests: ExEm Foam Kit

A clear advantage for patients; for significantly reduced discomfort and no reported complications. ExEm eliminates unnecessary exposure to ionising radiation. Now found to have similar spontaneous pregnancy rates following the procedure compared to HSG, ExEm is the choice for patients.

A clear advantage for you; with this straightforward, clinic-based procedure. Offers 90% or higher concordance with HSG results with over 550,000 tests already carried out worldwide and over 70,000 in the UK. With an estimated 50% procedure cost reduction in comparison to HSG, ExEm is the choice for you.

de Smit Medical
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At Gedeon Richter, Health is Our Mission. We have a presence in over 100 countries worldwide and have been changing lives, for the better, since 1901. Gedeon Richter has been applying biotechnology procedures since the 1950’s and with its know-how and experienced staff the company today is a hub of innovation in Europe. Our product portfolio includes biosimilar medicines licensed for the treatment of fertility and osteoporosis. Our R&D team continue to innovate and extend our portfolio with the aim of addressing all women’s healthcare needs; We won’t rest until women can. Our ambition is to help women achieve theirs.


Planer are dedicated to using our years of expertise and experience in the management of cells to develop and manufacture pioneering, high quality, innovative equipment to assist embryologists to preserve, protect and nurture cells.

In 2021 we are pleased to strengthen our offering to the UK ART market, becoming the exclusive distributor for the full Kitazato and Gynemed ranges of IVF consumable products including media, micro tools, needles & catheters and vitrification products.

The innovative CT37stax multi chamber incubator is the next generation of Planer incubator technology and along with the DATAssure monitoring system and Shipslog3 temperature datalogger enables Planer to provide a full range of products and services to UK IVF clinics.

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Pharmasure- Specialists in Fertility

Pharmasure is a team of highly experienced people, passionate about what we do.

You will know most of us very well as we have been part of the Pharmasure ‘family’ for many years.

You may not however, be aware of our highly successful fertility supplements:

Impryl, for men and women, designed to improve the DNA in egg and sperm, continues to grow.

Inofolic Alpha, our new, even more successful, supplement for PCOS and fertility, bringing relief and

hope to women with PCOS.

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We hope you stay well and look forward to seeing you soon.


Maximise success every step of the way

At Vitrolife, we all work to achieve the same goal: to help couples fulfil the dream of having a baby. This is another year in the history of Vitrolife where we continue our journey towards making those dreams come true.

2021 will be an exciting year for the company and its customers. The launch of iDAScore- a new AI-based tool to automate embryo selection by scoring embryos which reflect their implantation potential.

The UK team will continue providing clinics with our well-established media, labware, micromanipulation pipettes, OPU needles, vitrification plus time-lapse and lasers.