Immunological Testing in women with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) – Jennifer Tamblyn, Clinical Lecturer, University of Birmingham, UK

Prevalence of mental health disorders amongst infertile women: A systematic review – Inosha Bambaranda, Clinical Research Fellow, Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Trust, UK

Serum progesterone levels on the day of frozen embryo transfer (ProFET): a prospective, double-blind, multicentre cohort study – Pedro Melo, Clinical Fellow in Reproductive Medicine, CARE Fertility, UK

Comparison of early pregnancy outcomes arising from donor or partner sperm – an analysis of 326,554 IVF Pregnancies from anonymised HFEA data – Christopher Allen, Sub Speciality Trainee, Aberdeen Fertility Centre, UK
Christopher Allen graduated Medicine in 2007 from Queen’s University Belfast and went on to train in obstetrics and gynaecology in Northern Ireland. During his training, he developed an interest in Reproductive Medicine and went on to secure a clinical research fellowship with the University of Aberdeen in the Aberdeen Fertility Centre. In November 2021, he commenced subspecialty training in Reproductive Medicine in Aberdeen and is continuing to work towards a PhD with a focus on outcomes from donor sperm pregnancies.

Fertility preservation in transgender males: A single centre experience – Xulin Foo, Clinical Fellow in Reproductive Medicine, University College, London
Dr Xulin Foo is a clinical fellow in reproductive medicine at University College London Hospital with advanced gynaecological ultrasound skills in early pregnancy, benign gynaecology and endometriosis.

Acceptability of cannabidiol (CBD) as a potential fertility sparing treatment option for women suffering with chronic pelvic pain – Nicola Tempest, SST/Academic Clinical Lecturer, University of Liverpool, UK
Nicola Tempest is currently working as an academic clinical lecturer and reproductive medicine subspeciality trainee at the University of Liverpool/ Hewitt Fertility Centre/ Liverpool Women`s Hospital. She Is interested in the endometrial epithelium, stem cells, the histoarchitecture of the endometrium and the endometrium in implantation. Ongoing research projects include, alternative treatments for chronic pelvic pain, exercise and reproduction, proteins involved in implantation, 3D reconstruction of the endometrium, repurposing of drugs for endometriosis and the progression of endometriosis.