Let there be life

The authorized biography of IVF pioneer Robert Edwards is a compelling account of how he led a medical and social revolution by making babies in ‘test-tubes’. Prevailing against opposition when human embryology was new and sacrosanct territory, he was the champion of women and men with infertility, and now millions owe their existence to assisted reproductive technologies. An improbable hero of science, he was a coal miner’s son and a gritty Yorkshireman who rode a roller-coaster of endeavour to a breakthrough for which he was rewarded with a Nobel Prize and knighthood. After Louise Brown was born, he became an entrepreneurial clinic director and publisher, but, alas, he never received so much acclaim for stem cell science and screening for heritable diseases.

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ROGER G. GOSDEN had a career in reproductive science spanning from Cambridge to Cornell Universities. He is now a writer and master naturalist in Virginia.