The Joint Fertility Conference Societies

The Joint Fertility Conference is an annual event hosted by the Association of Reproductive & Clinical Scientists, British Fertility Society and the Society for Reproduction and Fertility. 

The event is supported by a number of other affiliated organisations who, together with the host societies make up the Associated Fertility Societies. 

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Association of Reproductive & Clinical Scientists (ARCS)

The Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists (ARCS) is a professional body run by Reproductive Scientists supporting the needs and research and development interests
of those involved in reproductive sciences in the UK and worldwide.

Founded in 2020, ARCS strives to promote high standards of practice in Reproductive Science and to support the professional interests of those working in the UK and internationally. ARCS boasts a membership in excess of 700 members and strives to advance the profession through training and education, providing information, support and a global community for our members.

Our mission statement is:

  • To promote the highest standards of research, diagnosis, patient care and educational outreach in the fields of fertility and reproductive science.

  • To promote high quality, evidencebased diagnosis, treatment and patient care using a range of experimental models.

  • To further excellence and innovation in the fields of human and animal reproductive research.

  • To provide a professional forum for members working in basic and applied reproductive science.

  • To provide strategic leadership, advice and professional guidance at all times.

  • To engage with other organisations, regulators and the public in the field of reproduction.

  • To promote and provide education and training to all disciplines within and allied to the field of reproduction.

More information can be found on their website, including membership details and benefits.

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The British Fertility Society (BFS)

The British Fertility Society (BFS) is a membership body for professionals working in all disciplines of reproductive medicine. The BFS actively promotes the sharing of knowledge, further education and raising standards of practice. It recognises the multidisciplinary nature of science and practice of reproductive medicine and welcomes andrologists, counsellors, embryologists, endocrinologists, nurses, and other professional groups working in this field, into its membership. It is regarded as the most prestigious association at the forefront of fertility in the UK, with an increasing global profile.

More information can be found on their website, including membership details and benefits.

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Society for Reproduction and Fertility (SRF)

Brief background

The Society for Reproduction and Fertility (SRF) is the oldest UK Society focussed on the promotion and support of research and teaching in all aspects of reproductive biology. The SRF became an entity in 2001 but was previously the Society for the Study of Fertility (SSF) which was established in 1950.

From it’s original focus on fertility and infertility in domestic animals, the SRF of today promotes research on reproductive physiology, function and fertility in humans and animals. Importantly this includes the promotion of animal models with translational relevance to human reproductive medicine.

The SRF has around 500 members comprising:

  • Non-clinical reproductive scientists
  • Medical and veterinary clinical specialists
  • Health professionals
  • Early career scientists (primarily masters and PhD students) accounting for > 40% of our membership

The Society’s principal aim is to support research and teaching in all aspects of reproductive biology. This is accomplished through the following specific activities:

  • Supporting and organising at least one substantial scientific meeting per year. The SRF satellite day is held immediately prior to the annual Fertility meeting organised jointly with ARCS and BFS.
  • Providing sponsorship for workshops to discuss specific topics of relevance to the society.
  • Providing financial assistance for members to attend SRF meetings, and other meetings as appropriate, through the provision of a Fertility meeting conference bursary or travel grant.
  • Providing funds for summer studentships enabling undergraduate students to gain research experience by undertaking a research project in reproductive biology.
  • Providing funds for a range of academic scholarships for early and mid-career scientists as well as those who have taken a career break.
  • Providing financial support in support of public engagement activities including a sponsored lecture(s) from established speakers on topical areas of academic and public interest.
  • Assessing and, where appropriate, supporting new initiatives that arise which will benefit the membership e.g., covid-19 support grant.
  • Producing two monthly journals which publishes top quality papers in reproductive biology. The journal Reproduction is owned by SRF and Reproduction and Fertility is jointly owned with our publishers Bioscientifica.

The Society for Reproduction and Fertility is a Company Limited by Guarantee and Registered as a charity. Registered in England No. 00647816. Registered Charity No. 261433. VAT Registration No. 213 5588 68.

Affiliated organisations

BICA: Professional Infertility Counselling Association in the UK